Meals during the Conference





The 13th Floor in the Conference building has 1 restaurant.

The University has several restraints and also it is easy to access many public restraints around Akamon (Red Gate) near the medical school.



(NOTE) We are sorry that it is inhibited to use any foods in and around all of the meeting halls.





All of the oversea invited participants should take breakfast in your hotels.





The above food facilities in and around the University are available for lunch.
Free lunches for all of oversea invited participants for January 23 rd and 24th are served in Room C (the 2st Seminar room in the 2nd floor in same building) by the Organizers.





Those food facilities are not available for dinner.

The Organizers have the dinner parties on January 22, 23 and 24, 2006 as follows.


(2006 January 22) Welcome Party at the University of Tokyo, Medical Campus.  


(2006 January 23) Banquet near the University of Tokyo. Hongo Medical Campus

At table in Japanese pub restraint for invited guests and the pre-registered persons

See our Registration Form.


(2006 January 24) Informal Farewell Party near the Conference place.
At table in Japanese style pub for only invited persons, who will receive the invitation tickets at the Conference desk.




Tea breaks

You can take tea or coffee in Room C (the 1st Seminar Room in the 2nd floor).

Takeout food is inhibited.






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