Conference rooms and Office Desk





Allocation of Desks and Rooms


There are 3 rooms of Medical Research and Education Building in the University of Tokyo, Hongo Medical Campus, as follows.


Room A:   The Testumon Hall in the 14th floor

Room B:   The Third Seminar Room in the 13rd floor.

       Room C:   The Second Seminar Room in the 2nd floor



(Registration desk for participation)  Room A


(Presentation rooms) Room 1 and Room B


(Desks to adjust your PowerPoint materials)  Room A and Room B

(Registration desk for Proceedings materials)  Room A


(Cloakroom) Not available.

(VIP and executive member room)
@Room C


(Staff room)  Room C

(Dining room for oversea participants)  Room C



Don't eat and drink any foods in and around the hall and the above desk in the 13rd and 14th Floor.




Registration Desk during the Conference


The registration desk is located on Room A.

The opening hour is from pm 8:15 to pm17:30 during January 23 and 24, 2006.


1. Registration Desks are separated for oversea participants and Japanese ones.

2. Payments of the Conference and the banquet fees are accepted by only cash, if you didn't pre-pay those by bank transfer. We recommend the pre-registration by bank transfer or international credit card (VISA or MATERCARD)

3. All pre-registered participants obtain the name tag and the receipt of the Conference and banquet fees.

4. Presentation materials should be brought to the PC operator at the Conference Desk.

6. Full papers as electronic papers should be submitted to the Conference Desk.

7. Payment of airline ticket for oversea invited guests.
Each of those who were accepted about payment of the airline fees by the Organizers as the oversea invited guest speakers should bring a copy of the receipt to the Conference Desk, to exchange the bank check by Prof. Kazuyuki Serada who assits Mrs. Kitamura during January 23 and 24, 2006. Such participants are requested to send the copies to fax to Japan Office by
January 15, 2006.

(Fax number) +81-3-5452-6432

8.Payment of domestic transportation fee for oversea invited guests.
The Organizers will pay domestic train transportation fee between the
Narita Airport to the hotel.

9.Accompany person's charge
The Organizer don't pay any fees of the accompany persons. You have to pay the additional room charge on the hotel front desk by yourself.







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