International Association of Risk Management in Medicine




IARMM Chairing Board

Two acting boards of IARMM consist of Executive Committee and Councilor Board.

9 March 2023

(A)           Executive Committee Members

(Role of Executive Committee)
The Committee has a final responsibility to decide all of IARMM activities, including the IARMM budget plan.
The Committee meeting is held in every World Congress. And, email communication is carried out if necessary.
The Committee member is valid in 4 years, and can be extended in another 4 years.


Ryoji Sakai

IARMM President, WHRMC Chair.  Emeritus SU, former Profs. D.Med. EPFL, USM, TWU etc.

(Vice Chair)

Masaki Q. Fujita

Prof.MD  Keio University Hospital ((forensic medicine), Japan

(Clinical safety)




Bjoern Bruecher

Prof. MD New Westminster College, Vancouver, Canada.  Bon Secours Cancer Institute, USA (surgery)


Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin

Prof. Dr Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Canada (patient safety)


Phillip Beh

Prof. MD University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong (forensic medicine)


Job Harenberg

Prof. MD Heidelberg University Hospital, Mannheim (internal medicine and clinical pharmacology)


Uvo M Hölscher

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Münster University of Applied Sciences, Münster (medical technology and ergonomics)


Minoru Ono

Prof. MD University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Medicine (cardiovascular surgery)


Hisakazu Ohtani

Prof. Dr Keio University Hospital (pharmacology)


Kazuhisa Takemura

Prof. Dr Waseda University (psychology)


Mingi Chan-Liao

Honor Hospital Director, MD Jen Ai Hospital, Tali-Taichung  (clinical safety)


Maria Angeles Cuadrado Cenzual

Prof. MD Complutense University of Madrid (internal medicine)


Enric Macarulla

Prof. MD Autonomous University of Barcelona (medical simulation)


Bryony Dean Franklin

Prof. Dr. University of College London, School of Pharmacy (medication safety)


Dean Ian Curen

Prof. MD Queen Mary University of London (medical education)


May C. M. Pian-Smith

Assoc. Prof. Harvard Medical School (anaesthesia)


Milenko J. Tanasijevic

Assoc. Prof. Harvard Medical School (pathology & clinical laboraory)

(Infectious disease control)




Ilyin KV

Prof. MD Russian Academy of Science


Elena Ryabchikova

Prof. MD Russian Academy of Science


Helda Pinzon-Perez

Prof. MD California State University, Fresno-

(Envrnm.  risk management)




Kjell Andersson

President, Dr. Karita Research (radiation risk communication)


Alexander Pivovarov

Prof. & Dean. Dr. Ukraine State Chemical-Technology University

(Disaster health  risk management)




Kimiro Meguro

Prof. University of Tokyo, Institute of Industrial Science  (urban disaster safety)


Tadasi Ishi

Prof. Tohoku  University Hospital (disaster medicine)

(Health risk management)




Joon Pil Cho

Prof. MD Ajou University Hospital, Seoul (health risk management)





(B)   Councilor Board

(Role of Councilor)

1) Councilor should play a role to promote IARMM activities in an academic aspect.

2) The Board meeting is held in every World Congress.

3) Councilor is valid in 4 years, and can be extended in another 4 years.



(Clinical safety)


Michael Frost

Dr. Med Broomfield Hospital, UK (anesthetist)

Mary P Tully

Dr. Manchester Pharmacy School, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK (medication  error)

Toru Hashida

Vice- Hospital Director, Dr Kobe City Medical Center Hospital, Pharmacology, Kobe, Japan (medication safety)

Gilbert Lau

Assoc. Prof. National University of Singapore, Health Science Authority of Singapore Government, Singapore (patient safety)

Peter McCulloch

Mr. John Radcliffe Hospital, University of Oxford, UK (safety surgery)

Eric Poon

Former Assoc. Prof. MD  Harvard University, Medical School, Boston, USA (medication safety)

Haytham Kaafarani

Assist. Prof. MD Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA (surgical safety)

Ahmad Elsheikh

Director of Quality and Patient Safety,  Makkah, Ministry of Interior, Saudi Arabia (patient safety)

(Disaster health  risk management)


U Hiroi

Assoc. Prof. PhD  The University of Tokyo, Japan (urban enginnering)

(Occupational health & Safety)


Rimanova Kvetoslava

Institute of Hygiene, Medical School, Kosice, Slovakia

(Infectious disease control)



Director, MD Pakistan Red Crescent Society, National Headquarter, Islamabad, Pakistan

(Radiation health & safety)


S.M.J. Mortazvi

Prof. Rafsanjan University of Medical Science, Rafsanjan, Iran

(Health risk management)


Peter Jewell

President, PhD, Peter Jewell Lab, Lancaster, UK