International Agency
United Nations (UN)
UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction
UN World Conference on Disaster Reduction
World Health Organization (WHO)
Center for International Disaster Information by Pan American Health Organization
PAHO Disaster Management
Asian Disaster Reduction Center
Asian Disaster Reduction and Response Network
European Space Agency
National Fire Association
CDC Emergency Preparedness Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada
Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedness OSJHA Emergency Preparedness and Response
US EPA Emergency Management

National Government
Indionesia Department of Health
Thailand Ministry of Public Health
India Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
US. Feredal Emergency Management Agency
US. Geological Survey
NASA Earth Observatory
National Ocean and Atompshoric Administration
German Task Force for Earthquakes
Earthquake Prediction Research Center of Japan

Local Media
The Jakaruta Post
The Indian Express
Somalia News
Yahoo Indonesia
Yahoo India
Yahoo Thailand

Edinburg University, World-Wide Earthquake Locator
London University, Hazard Resaerch Center
UCLA, Sothern California Earthquake Center
North Carolina University, Disaster Info. Center
Colorado University, National Hazards Center
Swiss Federal Institue of Technology (Zurich), Swiss Seismological Service
Tokyo University, Earthquake Research Institute
Kyoto University, Disaster Prevention Research Institute
Tsunami Action Group in Harvard University
Earthquake Links

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