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Max Plank Institute            National Institute of Health (USA)
Russian Academy of Science, Medicine and Health
Taiwan Center for Disease Control - Department of Health
London University, Hazard Research Center
UCLA, Southern California Earthquake Center
North Carolina University, Disaster Info. Center
Colorado University, National Hazards Center
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Zurich), Swiss Seismological Service
Tokyo University, Earthquake Research Institute
Kyoto University, Disaster Prevention Research Institute
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WHRMC Announcement
* URMPM's 2nd Asia Pacific Congress will be held on October 1-3, 2005 in Malaysia.

* WHRMC's 1st International Forum of Global Technology Transfer will be held on November 1-2 in Tokyo.

* URMPM's 1st International Forum of Patient Safety will be held on January 23-24, in Tokyo.

* URMPM's 1st African Congress will be held on March 28- 31 2006 in Tunisia.

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