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Health and Safety News by non-URMPM organization
* UIA conference calendar
* 32nd Annual Minority Health Conference (web conf.)
* Annual International Conference on Stem Cell Research 2011
* Health and Safety Executive
* 2010 UN Report Highlights Falun Gong Persecution in China
* American Public Health Association
* 9th International LOWRAD Conference
* United Nation's vacancy announcement of international job
* Clinical Trial Conference 2010
* 16th Summer Videoconference on Minority Health (free)
* 31st Annual Minority Health Conference (free webcast)
* Health Effect Annual Conf. 2010
* 3rd International Conference E-MEDISYS
* 2nd Congress of Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine
* 3rd International Conference on BioMedical Engineering and Informatics
* 2nd Congress of Preventive, Regenerative and Anti-Aging Medicine
* 4th Int. Biomarkers Conf.
* World Society of Disaster Nursing
* Medical Education News
* WorldPharma2010
* WorldPharma2010
* WCVI-2010
* ICNC'10 & FSKD'10
* 3rd Edition of the Toronto Forum for Global Cities 2010
* WorldPharma 2010
* Weekly Info. for Medical Education News, Events, Conferences, Scholarships, Fellowships, Graduate Schools, Resources, Positions (all new)
*Nuclear power safety  Industrial health & Safety
* Interasma 2009
* 2009 Medical Device Risk Management Conference
* X World Cancer Congress
* XIII Int. AIDS Conference
* XXI World Allergy Congress
* Int. Swin Flue Conf.
* The Lancet Conferences - Influenza in the Asia-Pacific
* 14th Int. Cong. Infectious Dis.
* 8th Int. LOWRAD Conf.
* 2nd Annual World Summit of Antivirals
* 15th Videoconf. Minority Health.
* XXI World Allergy Congress
* 2nd International Conference on BioMedical Engineering and Informatics
* 8th LORRAD Int. Conf.
* 5th Int. Conf. on Natural Computation
* SETIT 2009, Tunisia
* Health Effect Institute Conf.
* Flu Vaccine Effectiveness
* 30th Annual Minority Health Conference
* 7th Australasian Conference on Safety and Quality in HealthCare
* Fourth Annual Risk Symposium
* Euro. Conf. Individual Monitoring of Ionizing Radiation
* Risk management, Safety and Quality in Healthcare - Canadian Network
* Japan Prize
* ILO conference list of occupational safety and health
* Medical Education Scholarships, Fellowships, Schools, and Job Postings
* World Youth Forum 2009
* 2009 HEI Annual Conference
* VALDOR 2009
* US.EPA Risk Management Research
* 1st Annual World Congress of Vaccine
* Engineering in a Climate of Change
* 2008 World Stem Cell Summit
* 9th World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering
* 16th Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine
* Environmentalists For Nuclear Energy
* Int. Society Pharmcoeconomics & Outcome Researh
* Canadian Summit on Biologics
* Lowrad2008 Conference
* 14th Annual Summer Public Health Research Videoconference
* 9th Int'l Congrees on Cell Biology
* 28th Latinamerican Chemical Congress, Puerto Rico
* 28th Canadian Pain Society annual conference
* APAIE 2008 Conference
* 46th Int'l Association of Forensic Toxicologists, Martinique
* 7th Int'l Meeting of The Effects of Low Doses of Radiation, Portugal
* World Summit of Antivirals, China
* World Cancer Congress 2008
* US.EPA Risk Management Research
* Health Effect Institute Annual Conference 2008
* Nanotecnology Seminar in The European Parliament     Registratiion form
* IXth World Conf. Clinical Pharm. & Therapeutics
* Risk Symposium 2008
* TSR&TP Best Publication Award 2008
* Alzheimer Society of Manitoba
* 5th Northern Lights Summer Conference
* Canadian Federation of Biological Societies
* 14th International Congress on Occupational Health Services
* 13th Annual Summer Public Health Research Videoconference on Minority Health
* Clinical trials: Gastroenterology-2007
* AIDS at 25: Itfs Time to Deliver by internet broadcast
* 50th Anniversary NHIS
* Institute of Healthcare Improvement
* Health Effect Institute Annual Meeting 2007
* 28th Annual Minority Health Conference
* US. National Risk Management Research Laboratory
* Int. Symp. Environ. Risk of Chemicals
* 9th Int. Congress of Behavoral Medicine, Bangkok, Thailand
* International Food & Health Innovation Conference
* Annual UNC-CH SPH Minority Health Conference
* 14th Int. Cong. Anti-Aging Medicine
* 27th Annual Minority Health Conference
* 2nd National Conference on Obesity & Health
* IT education by Chinees Academy of Science
* Real-World Case Study Presentations
* Anti-Aging Medicine was held in Chicago. --Aug. 28, 2005
* Security & Safety Trade Expo 2005
* Bioinformatics Optional Open Access
* Anti-Aging Medicine
* US Senate Approves Bill That Would Create National Patient Safety Database --Aug. 1, 2005
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