Privacy Policy in Globe

Your privacy in web search


1. The Globe doesn't request and collect your privacy information including IP address in your visit in the web.
When you are asked to submit such information by a name of Globe, it is not our official request, You should not respond to it.

2. Some commercial website incited in the Globe may automatically collect your cookie in your computer, which is used by the company's private policy, but not used by the Globe.

3. The privacy of our sponsors is protected.

4. Credit card payment through internet is not available. The Globe uses only fax for your payment form.

5. When our private policy is revised, it will be shown in this URL.

6. Contact to us, if you have any questions.



Globe's Offices


Editor in Chief of URMPM Globe
      Ryoji Sakai (URMPM Chair)

URMPM Information, Registration & Publication Office, Costa Rica
      Shirley V. V. Chaves (URMPM International Secretary)

(WHRMC Office)
 (Postal Address) 4-36-2-103 Hongo, Bunkyoku, Tokyo, 113-0033, Japan
(Email in English)
(Email in Japanese)
(Tel/Fax) +81-3-3817-6770 (81 is a country code of Japan)

(URMPM Information, Registration & Publication Office)
FAX: +506-292-6136      (506 is a country code of Costa Rica)

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