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Your scientific news and opinion of health and safety science, and your introduction of research project and your website should be submitted to:

     URMPM Information, Registration & Publication Office

After our review, those may be displayed at this Globe within a couple of business days, if acceptable.

Globe's Offices


Editor in Chief of URMPM Globe
      Ryoji Sakai (URMPM Chair)

URMPM Information, Registration & Publication Office, Costa Rica
      Shirley V. V. Chaves (URMPM International Secretary)

(WHRMC Office)
 (Postal Address) 4-36-2-103 Hongo, Bunkyoku, Tokyo, 113-0033, Japan
(Email in English) secr-office@umin.ac.jp
(Email in Japanese) jsrmpm-office@umin.ac.jp
(Tel/Fax) +81-3-3817-6770 (81 is a country code of Japan)

(URMPM Information, Registration & Publication Office)
E-mail: secr-office@umin.ac.jp
FAX: +506-292-6136      (506 is a country code of Costa Rica)



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