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Union of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine

World health Risk Management Center





International Seminar of Risk & Emergency Management

for Healthcare 2012


(English education program for healthcare personnel)




A time is our international education seminar of patient safety with our partners in UK and the other countries. 



The purposes of this education program for healthcare is 1) to generate high skilled experts of patient safety around the world, and 2) to provide a golden textbook of patient safety with extremely high level which is recommended to be referred to hospitals around the world.


   For promotion of true leaders in risk management, similar educational seminars are held in US and Japan every year.  UK is one of top countries of patient safety, and has developed very high leveled knowledge and skills in the long history, there.  Those are obviously useful to education of patient safety around the world.


At present time, huge hospitals have patient safety divisions, especially in Great Britain member countries, other European countries, US, Japan, and Middle East countries.  However, patient safety is just at the early stage in the long history of the world, though many countries have huge troubles in a hospital.  So, this seminar intends to provide basic and standard education of understanding of patient safety.


In this year, releasing various lectures with the latest knowledge in the essential topics, which have been recently developed in patient safety world, is accepted by representative professionals in UK and the others.



Safety education is a forever theme in human being, and this program promotes further development of patient safety in healthcare around the world.





November 2011


  Sir Brian Jarman                 Emeritus Prof. Imperial Collage London, UK

  James Reason                  Emeritus Professor, University of Manchester,  UK

  Charles Vincent             Prof. Clinical Safety Research, Imperial College London, UK

  Ragnar Lofstedt                Prof. King's Centre for Risk Management, King's College London, UK

     Aidan Halligan                  Prof. Education Centre, University College London Hospital. UK

     Bryony Dean Franklin     Prof.  The School of Pharmacy, University of London

     Della Freeth                       Prof.   Medical Education, Queen Mary University of London

 Ryoji Sakai *                     President,  Union of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine(URMPM)

                                        Emeritus SU, Former Profs of EPFL, USM, TWU, etc.

     And, the others

                                                                                                         *Chair of this program





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