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Since 2017 JMS is distributed only by electronic material in internet since 2017. 

Any print version is not available.





Purposes and Scope: Journal of Medical Safety (JMS) is an official English journal for `International Association of Risk Management in  Medicine (IARMM)’.  The journal welcomes any manuscripts around the world.  The purpose of this publication is to distribute original articles, short communications and review articles on health and safety improvement based on quality and quantity Aspects.  Appropriate topics include, but not limited to, problems related to patient safety (clinical safety), environment health, life-style disease, community health, occupational health, medical accidents, food product health, international health, mental health and health issues for aging population.

This online journal (ISSN 1349-5240) is distributed 1 or 2 times every year.  You should use e-mail for rapid communication with the editorial office concerning submission of your manuscripts.  Each copy contains information for IARMM members (i.e., Committees' Announcement, Meeting Summary, Information of Conference, Free Basic Textbook, Library, Information of Patient Safety, Drug Safety, Food Safety, Chemicals Safety, Environment Safety, Occupational Safety, and Available Position).

We hope this journal is effective to promote the worldwide scientific activities in safe medicine.



Editorial Board



Editor in Chief

Ryoji Sakai (IARMM. WHRMC, etc.  Tokyo)




Editorial board



Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin (Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, Montreal)



Joon Pil Cho (Ajou University Hospital, Emergency Medicine, Suwon)



Vyacheslav K. Ilyin (Russian Acadey of Science, RF State Scientific Cent. Inst. Biomed. Problems, Moscow)

Elena Ryabchikova (State Research Center of Virology and Biotechnology "Vector", Novosibirsk)



Bruno Gottestein (University of Bern, Faculty of Medicine, Bern)



 Kjell Andersson (Karita Research, Sweden)



Simon Cohn (University of London, Goldsmiths College, London)

Iqbal M. Mujtaba (University of Bradford, West Yorkshire)



Alexander Pivovarov (Ukrainian State Chemical-Technology University)



  Milenko  Tanasijevic (Harvard University, Boston)

Neal Richard Boyd (George Washington University Medical Center, Washington DC)




Subscription: Each copy will be distributed as an e-version or off-line mail magazine, while the content can be also seen in IARMM homepage. The annual subscription fee is 300 USD per person, if you are not the registered members of IARMM. Those who wish to subscribe this journal should contact the Editorial Office about payment.

Instructions for authors

1.    Journal of Medical Safety (JMS) is accepting online to the Society Office (  Authors will be sent more information about how and where to send their papers after they are accepted. The entire manuscript should be contained in one file. Tables and figures may be excluded from the electronic file and presented only in the accompanying hard copies. The following word processing programs and format files are accepted: Microsoft Word for Windows version, Text files, RTF form files, and PDF form files. An electronic file by other languages than English are not be accepted.

2.    Manuscripts previously published are not acceptable. Submission of a manuscript to the journal implies that it has not been published elsewhere, that it does not duplicate material already published in any languages elsewhere.

3.    Human studies should not be conducted in accordance with the recommendations outlined in the Declaration of Helsinki (1964, revised 1975 and 1983).

4.    The following types of contributions will be published: 1) articles reporting original research; 2) short communications; 3) other articles. All submissions are peer-reviewed and subject to final decision of the Editorial Board.

5.    If the manuscript is accepted for publication, copyright of the article shall be assigned to the International Association of Risk Management in Medicine.

6.    Manuscript should be prepared in the following manner:

(1)   Manuscript should be written in English. Each manuscript should be sent by e-mail to the following Editorial Office.  

Also, one original and two copies should be submitted.

(2) The English abstract (250 words) should be attached to manuscripts.

(3) The title page of the manuscript should include name(s) of author(s), affiliated organization(s), address of representative author, type of contribution, running title (not more than 60 letters including spaces) and number of tables and figures.

(3) Manuscript should be typed in double-spacing on A4 (ca. 22x28 cm) paper. The font size is 10.5 pt.  The font color and figure/table color are black/white or other colors.

(5) Original article should be limited to 8 pages including tables and figures. This would be equivalent to 20 pages of double-spaced text. Exceeded print page will be charged by 100 USD per page.

(6) Short communications and case studies should be limited to 2 pages including tables and figures. This would be equivalent to 5 pages of double-spaced text.

(7) Key words up to 10 words will be placed after the abstract for reviews, originals, and field studies, but only after the title of the title page for short communications and case studies.

(8) Tables and figures should be of adequate quality to withstand reduction in size. Each table and figure should be submitted on a separate A4 sheet. Their location in the text should be indicated in the margin of the text.

(9) The following units and symbols should be used for quantities and measurements: km, m, cm, mm, , nm, kg, g, mg, ,; ℓ, mℓ, ; yr (year), wk(week), d(day), h(hour), min(minute), s(sec) .

(10) References should be numbered according to the order in which they appear in the text and should be listed at the end of the text according to the following format.  The in-text reference numbers be in superscript (small above the words).  The number of the references should be indicated in the text as follows.

Examples of references

i)Papers published in Journals

Adamson J, Hunt K, Ebrahim S. Socioeconomic position, occupational exposures, and gender: the relation with locomotor disability in early old age. J Epidemiol. Community Health 2003;57: 453-455.

ii) Books and other monographs

Detels R, McEwen J, Beaglehole R, Tanaka H. Oxford Textbook of Public Health. The Scope of Public Health. Fourth Edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002.

iii)Contributions in Books

Detels R, Breslow. Current scope and concerns in public health. In: Detels R, McEwen J, Beaglehole R, Tanaka H. Oxford Textbook of Public Health. The Scope of Public Health. Fourth Edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2002: 3-20.







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