Meals during the Conference

Both of the Conference buildings (International Medical Center of Japan and National Institute of Infectious Diseases) have a couple of restaurants and cafeterias for public.

(NOTE) Don't eat any foods in the Confernce halls. We are sorry that it is inhibitted to use any foods in and around all of the Conference halls, since they are the medical research institutes.


Those food facilities are not available for breakfast.
Breakfasts for all of the oversea invited particants are included in your hotel. The residents in Rihga Royal Hotel, Tokyo are paid for only the room charge and the breakfast by the Orginizers.


The above food facilities are available for lunch.
Free lunches for all of oversea invited participants are served at a special restaurant in International Medical Center of Japan by the Orginizers.


Those food facilities are not available for dinner.
The Orginizers have the dinner parties on March 26, 28 and 29, as follows.

(March 26) Welcome Party at Ariake hotel in Tokyo.
We have a mini-Satellite Symposium from pm17:00 to pm:19:00 on March 26 at Odaiba, Tokyo (new seafront city). Thereafter, the informal 'WELCOME PARTY' of the Conference will be held for all oversea participants. The free Shuttle buses from Rihga Royal hotel to the mini-Symposium place will be available at PM14:00 and PM17:00. You can use the shuttles back to that Hotel after this free party. Everybody can participate in this Welcome Party.

(March 27) Banquet at Rihga Royal Hotel, Tokyo.
Stand-up meal is served. Pre-registration is requested, excpet for invited guests. See our Registration Form.

(March 28) Informal Farewell Party near the Confernece place.
At table in Japanese style pub for only invited persons, who will receive the invitation tickets at the Conference desk.

Tea breaks

We should take tea or coffee inside of those food facilities. Takeout food is inhbitted.
All registered participants will receive the free tickets at the Registraction desk.

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