Presentation Manners

The registration desk is the 5th floor of of International Medical Cooperation Training Center in International Medical Center of Japan. The opening hour is from pm8:00 to pm 17:00 during March 27 and 28, 2003.

1. Each presentation time can be seen in the time table.

2. Use Microsoft Power Point in Windows version 98 and latter, or OHP for your talking presentation.

3. The above presentation materails should be brought to the PC operators at the above Conference Desk or the Desk-branch at National Institute of Infectious Diseases, 1 hour before the presentation time, to confirm your materials on screen.

Otherwise, send your electronic file of Power Point to the following Conference manager by e-mail till March 24, 2003, for adjustment.

(E-mail) Dr. Ken Osaka (National Institue of Infectious Diseases, Tokyo, Japan)

(TEL) 81+3+5285-1111,Japan, (FAX) 81+3+5285-1129,Japan

4. Simultaneous interpretation between English and Japanese for Main Hall (A) only. The speakers in Main Hall (A) should send the oral papers to the above person till March 24, too.
In the others halls, use English talkings.
It is requested for all speakers to use English for all writings.

5. We canceled the poster presentation session due to few entries.

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