News from the Offices of International Meetings on March 27-30, 2003, in Japan.

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Feb. 22, 2003

Following person is working at the above Tokyo Office from March 7, 2003 to April 12, 2003.
During this period, her e-mail address is changed, but call or fax to Tokyo Office!

Ms. Shirley V. Chaves, URMPM Registration and Information Office, Costa Rica

JSRMPM Office, Tokyo, Japan
TEL/FAX: 81+3+3400-0131
ADDRESS: Asia Manson, Room 109, 2-5-12 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0002 Japan.

Jan 26, 2003

Minutes of the 7th Preparation Business Meeting for ICRMPM.

(Date) Jan.25, 2003
(Place) The University of Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan

Prof. Sakai (President), Prof. Shirakawa (International Organozation Committee Chairperson), Prof. Sugita (International Conference PR Committee Chairperson), Prof. Tsurunari (Kumamoto University, Japan), Dr. Gotoh (Kobe University, Japan), Dr. Aoki (International Conference Coordinator), Dr. Sorimach (Kyoto Prefectural Unversity), Dr. Yamazaki (The Univ. of Kyoto) & Mr. Masaki (The Univ. of Tokyo)

Main topics:

1.Hotels in Tokyo from March 26 to the morning of Morning of March 29.
(1)All of invited guests: Rihga Royal Hotel, Tokyo
(2) Self-charged participants: We recommend the above hotel, but you have to pre-pay your room charge. Other hotels are also available. I strongly recommend that you should register your hotel with your tourist company in your local place. For booking of all of those hotels, we can introduce our recommendable tourist company in Tokyo, if necessary.

2. Mini-Satellite Symposium of Risk Management in Functional Foods on March 26
We have a plan of the mini-Satellite Symposium from pm17:00 to pm:19:00 on March 26 at Odaiba, Tokyo (new seafront city). Thereafter, the informal 'WELCOME PARTY' of the Conference will be held for all oversea participants. The free Shuttle buses from Rihga Royal hotel to the mini-Symposium place will be available at PM14:00 and PM17:00. You can use the shuttles back to that Hotel after this free party.
He details will be shown shortly.

3.Banquet on March 27.
The Conference banquet is changed from the table style meal to the stand-up meal.

4.Farewell party on March 28
At table in Japanese style pub for only invited persons.

5. Hotel in Kyoto from March 29.
Two university guest houses (Shiran Kaikan and Kyoudai Kaikan) are for international guests.

6.The Conference academic program from March 27 to March 28.
The panels and workshops with a couple of topics will be re-allocated to the other suitable sessions.

Dec 25, 2002

Minutes of the 6th Preparation Business Meeting for ICRMPM (International Conference of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine).

Responsibility for the wording of an article: Dr. Ken Osaka (National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Tokyo, Japan)

(Date) Dec.14, 2003
(Place) Conference room No.3 of National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Tokyo, Japan

Prof. Sakai (President), Prof. Sugita (International Conference PR Committee Chairperson), Prof. Omori (International Executive Committee Chairperson), Dr. Wakasugi (International Conference Committee Chairperson), Dr. Aoki (Inteternational Conference Coordinator) Dr. Osaka (URMPM PR Committee member), Mr. Masaki (JSRMPM PR Committee member) & Ms. Saegusa (assistant)

Topics discussed:

1. Party

The Welcome Reception will be held at a hotel (TBA) on 27th March. All guests and conference attendees are invited and formal dinner will be served at a table. The entertainments introducing Japanese traditions (music, dancing and festivals) are planned to stage. (Omori and Osaka)

Two informal parties for international guests and committee members are also planned on 26th and 28th March, 2003. The Pre-conference party on 26th will be held at the hotel above in the style of casual buffet with light refreshments and drinks. The Farewell party is planned at a Japanese style pub.

2. International guests

Approximately 40 international guests are invited for presentation. The travel and accommodation will be arranged by the conference secretariat for majority, and others will be invited by groups from the University of Tokyo. A few guests will travel and stay with their own budgets.

The JICA international trainee in Japan are also invited for free of charge. (Wakasugi)

The accommodation and the party venue will be decided later, from the points of cost performance, easy accessibility and safety.

Lunch boxes will be provided for international guests and staff members (excluding out sourcing staff) during the conference.
Consideration for the religious prohibitions and others (allergy, vegetarian, beef, hallal foods, koscher foods, etc)------enquiry should be included in the invitation letter and reply has to be collected with the acceptance of invitation.

Visa preparation and travel reimbursement:
The travel fee will be reimbursed at the conference registration counter by a bank check. (Aoki)
The arrangements for visa required nationals are handled by secretariat .(Ms.Saegusa and Dr. Masaki)

Preparation for the emergency for international guests:
24-hour hotline will be set up during the conference for the conceivable emergencies for international guests from 26th March. (Masaki and Osaka)


Provisional program will be prepared as soon as possible.
(Necessary for conference rooms arrangements)

The simultaneous interpreters will be provided for the main conference hall throughout the sessions. (Outsourcing to a temporary staffing agency)

The symposium of "Food, Medical and pharmaceutical products and devices" should be divided into two sessions by the requests of members. First session will be "Food Safety", and the second session will be "Risk management in Medical and pharmaceutical products and devices".

4. Public relations and Information:

New poster announcing the conference will be distributed to the institutes and major hospitals at Kanto area.

The logos for this conference (ICRMPM), Japan Society of Risk Management for preventive medicine (JSRMPM) and Union of Risk Management for Preventative Medicine (URMPM) of are ordered to design. (Osaka)

5. Provision of the next meeting

Next Committee meeting of ICRMPM will be held at 25th January, 2003. in Kyoto, Japan.

Dec 18, 2002

Panel (4) changed the ovesea guest speakers.

Dec 9, 2002

Conference registration fee is not charged if the particiant is from non-OECD country. But they are requested to preregistrate, using the registration form which should be sent to the Conference Office for oversea participants before Feb. 28, 2003. The URMPM membership is also required before Feb. 28, 2003, too. And note that such a free seat reservation will be closed after the avaliable seats are empty.

Dec 6, 2002

1) We add 'Academic Program' link to our Conference homepage to introduce a couple of research and academic organizations in Tokyo area.

2) Ukraine Society jointed.

Dec 4, 2002

1) The following information is very important for you:

* December 20, 2002: deadline for the registration in the Satelitte Symposium, Kyoto.
* January 10, 2003: deadline for the abstract in the Conference, Tokyo.
* February 15, 2003: deadline for the abstract in the Satellite Symposium, Kyoto.
* March 28, 2003: deadline of the full paper in the Conference, Tokyo.

2) The abstract form for the satelitte Symposium is same one as the Conference.

3) The purpose of each session in the panels and two symposiums at the Conference was embedded in the link of 'Main program'.

Dec 1, 2002

Japan Medical Association, the biggest medical association of Japan, becomes the supporting organization.

November 28, 2002

The following Japan Societies give their supports to this Conference.
Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Systems (by Prof. Minoru Yabuuchi in the University of Tokyo, Japan)
Japan Society of Health Education and Promotion (by Prof. Masaki Moriyama in Fukuoka University, Japan)
Thank you for their sincere contribution.

November 26, 2002

1) The Japan Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and Foreign Affiars, et al., became new supporting organizations of the Conference. See the end of the first page.
If you have some information about any organizations to give their supports to this Conference, send your e-mail to International Organization Commitee.
Prof. Taro Shirakawa (Kyoto University Graduate School of Public Health, Health Promotion & Human Behavior, Japan)

2) The Satellite Symposium was formally decided to open on March 30 in Kyoto. You can see the first announcement from the Conference homepage or World Society Homepage.

3) Dr. Naoto Aoki, Mr. Tomoya Masaki, et al., will escort Tokyo Buss Tour on the morning of March 29, 2003. Ask them if you want to take free tours with them in that afternoon. They will also take you from Tokyo Railway Station to Kyoto by super-express train (3 hours) if you participate Kyoto Satellite Symposium.

4) We welcome your recommendable journals and media for free advertisement of our Conference and Symposium.
If you have some information. send it to our International PR Committee.

5) We intend to make digital videos on the major topics, which will be delivered in the world latter.

6) The available meeting rooms are 4 in International Medical Center, and 3 in National Institute of Infectious Diseases. They have a total of 2 main rooms.

7) Health Prize will be decided by evaluation committee of full papers submitted.

8) We have a plan to publish the basic textbook of risk management of two versions of English and Japanese for our participants. Those will be postered in our homepages.

9) Embed a brief purpose of each session in our program

10) We will serve meals for lunch and dinner for your cultural requests. If you have, send your requests to URMPM Registration Office.

November 25, 2002

1) One Day's Credit is avalibale for audiences. The price is 80 USD (10,000 Japaese Yen).
2) Members from non-OECD countries
All members (Free). Preregistration and URMPM membership are required.
For URMPM registration, visit World Society Homepage

November 23, 2002

1) We cancel our age limit for student discount. All students can use the discount charge of registration fee.
2) Use Microsoft Power Point in Windows version 98 and latter, or OHP for your talking presentation.
3) Simultaneous interpretation between English and Japanese for one main hall. In the others halls, use English only. Use English for all writings.

November 15, 2002

1) The National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NIID), Tokyo, Japan, is used as subconference halls, besides main conference halls in International Medical Center of Japan (IMCJ), Tokyo, Japan. NIID locates on the next space to IMCJ (1 min on foot).

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