Society Registration

Union of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine(URMPM),
Atlantic Society of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine (ATSRMPM),
Asia Pacific Society of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine (APSRMPM),
Japan Society of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine (JSRMPM)
Malaysia Society of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine (MSRMPM), and
Ukriane Society of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine (UKRSRMPM).

Two international societies of risk management for preventive medicine, i.e., URMPM and APSRMPM were separated from an international section of JSRMPM from 2002 spring. And ATSRMPM and MRMPM started since October 2002. All of those five societies and the later local societies have the same purposes describing in the below. The annual membership fees of all societies are free, because our major communication tools are internet devices (e-mail, mailing list, electronic newsletter, homepage). You can involve yourself into each society by e-mail to the corresponding administrative offices in the below.

1. Common purpose

Because of rapid globalization of society and of progress in technological innovations, problems related to global environment issues, life-style disease, community health, occupational health, medical accidents, food product health, international health, mental health and health issues for aging population are on the rise. Whilst we all recognize the importance of the practice of risk management sciences for prevention of those problems by risk assessment, it is essential to integrate interdisciplinary research in such fields as political economics, administration studies, sociology, environmental science, ecology, behavioral science, information science, education, ethics, epidemiology and statistics, not just to develop technologies to implement government policies and countermeasures. This Society, therefore, seeks to contribute to the promotion of scientifically sound countermeasures and solutions by encouraging the free exchange and interplay of international research activities. The most distinctive features of this Society will be:

1) Focusing on health risks associated with the occurrence of unpreferable health conditions, to carry out evidence-based health policy study by means of numerous analyses of countermeasures for preventive management of health risks.

2) To promote advancing the techniques and theory of "management" as required by the science of preventive medicine.

2. Conference logistics

Registered members in a mailing list, provide information by way of English journals, newsletter etc., on internet. Planning to conduct education and research programs and symposia by lecturers. International electronic forum is provided.

3. Annual membership fee

Free. Members receive English newsletters, English mailing list, and access to an international electronic forum without any charge. Administrator of English mailing list and newsletter:

4. International symposium participation:


5. English journal

Charged. At present, the English journals is the official journal of six societies. The journal will be officially available to other member societies under agreement of URMPM for payment and publication policy.

Editor in Chief: Prof. Taro Shirakawa (Health Promotion and Human Behavior, Kyoto University Graduate School of Public Health, Kyoto, Japan)

6.International Adviser Board

All members of International Adviser Board in six societies are same as shown in URMPM homepage.

7. Contact information

For those wishing to join, please send your name, occupation, and place of employment to the e-mail address described in the following web sites. Only e-mail applications will be accepted. Information on the journals and educational research program will be provided separately.

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