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International Conference, March 27-28, 2003
World Health Risk Management Center

Final Announcement of

Date: March 30 (Sunday), 2003

Dear Colleagues,

'Lifestyle' is one of the most important keywords in medical and health sciences, which has been found by many scientists from 18 Century, for examples, occupational cancer and cigarette and alcoholic cancers. And, 'risk management' is new and important issue in medical and health sciences in the present time. Lifestyle is a custom behavior, which is rapidly changing by present globalization of economy and society, too. Herein, it is clear that the control of lifestyle behavior is one of the most important tools in risk management for preventive medicine. Thus, I confirm that the present topic of the Satellite Symposium of International Conference for Preventive Medicine will promote risk management sciences for occupational and environmental health around the world.

Kyoto, the most beautiful city in Japan, was a center there from the 7th Century to the 19th Century. The Urban Planning was established in the 7th Century and you can find huge national treasures since that time besides beautiful natural geography as we embedded in this homepage. On those accounts, I completely agree with Prof. T. Shirakawa' s proposal to invite you to our Satellite Symposium in the University of Kyoto, which has the most Nobel laureates in Japan. I promise that you will have many chances to know the heart of Japan, which you have never seen in other places in our planet. We shall think about new approach in risk management sciences for preventive medicine in this beautiful place and season, toward our sustainable environment.

Sincerely, Prof. Ryoji Sakai (iarmm & JSRMPM Chairperson) November 25, 2002.

International Conference in Tokyo on March 27-28, 2003

Main Topic

Life style and Risk Management for Occupational and Environmental Health.


Date: March 30 (Sunday), 2003

Place: Place: Kyodai Kaikan at The University of Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan.

Official language: English

Audience credit of the Symposium:
Memner form OECD countries
Regular member (80 USD or 10,000 Japanese Yen)
Student member (40 USD, 5,000 Japanese Yen)
Members from non-OECD countries All members (Free).
Preregistration and iarmm membership are required.
For iarmm registration, visit World Society Homepage

Opening Remark

9:30-9:40 Prof. Taro Shirakawa (Kyoto University, Dep. Health Promotion and Human Behavior, Japan)


9:40-10:55: Prof. Danuta Wasserman Topic: Suicide can be prevented. Chairman: Dr. Yoshihide Sorimachi (Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine)

10:55-11:10 Coffee break

Memorial Lecture

11:10-12:25 Prof. William G. Thilly (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Environmental Genetics, USA) Topic: The Search for the Genetic and Environmental Causes of Cancers in Industrial Societies. Chairman: Prof. Tatsuya Takeshita (Wakayama Medical University)

12:25-13:25 Lunch at Kyodai Kaikan

Special Symposium

(SS1)- (SS4) Chairman: Prof. Koichi Kono (Osaka Medical College)

(SS1)13:25-13:55 Prof. Atumu Ohmura (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Climate, Zurich, Switzerland) Topic: Risk Management Related to Climate Changes.

(SS2)13:55-14:25 Prof. Bruno Gottstein (University of Bern, Institute of Parasitology, Switzerland) Topic: Climate Change and Human Health: Zoonotic Parasitic Diseases in Europe and Vector Population Dynamics.

(SS3)14:25-14:55 Dr. Aleksandra Pivovarou (Ukranian State Chemical-Technology University, Ukraine Society Chairperson, Ukraine) Topic: Ecological Instability in Ukraine and Possible Ways of its Overcoming.

(SS4)14:55-15:25 Assoc. Prof. & Chairman, Chalermchai Chaikittiporn (Mahidol University, Department of Occupational Health and Safety, Faculty of Public Health, Thailand) Topic: Occupational Safety and Health Management System in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Thailand.

15:25-15:55 Coffee break

(SS5)- (SS6) Chairman: Prof. Stephan Morgenthaler (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland)

(SS5)15: 55-16:05 Dr. Vlasta Molak (GAIA, Risk Analysis, USA) Topics: Implication of Diet and Life Style for Risk Management in PreventiveMedicine. Presentation

(SS6)16:05-16:35 Prof. Vsevolod Shakin (Russian Academy of Sciences, Dept. Math. Modeling in Ecology and Medicine, Dorodnicyn Computing Center, Moscow, Russia) Topic: Risk Assessment and Risk Management for Living Systems Under Extreme Conditions.

(SS7)- (SS8) Chairman: Prof. Olaf Gefeller (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg)

(SS7)16:35-17:05 Prof. Patricia Caplan (The University of London, Anthropology, UK) Topic: Can Risk Management Be Universal? The Significance of Cultural and Social Differences.Dr. Patricia Caplan presentation

(SS8)17:05-17:35 Assoc. Prof. Irma Reyes Makalinao (University pf the Philippines College of Medicine, Pharmacology & Toxicology, National Poison Control and Information Service, Philippine) Topic: Nicotine addiction: will it be a problem for children.

Closing Remark

17:35-17:45 Prof. Ryoji Sakai (Chairpersons of Japan Society of Risk Management in Preventive Medicine. and of Union of Risk Management of Preventive Medicine)


18:40-20:40 Japanese dinner at KKR Kyoto Kuniso

Other participants

* Associate Prof. Rahmat Awang (Director of National Poison Centre, Malaysia and Secretary of the Asia Pacific Association of Medical Toxicology)

*Assoc. Professor Joon Pil Cho (Ajou University, Emergency Medicine, Korea)

*Prof. Bjorn Malbert (Chalmers Institute of Technology, Architect and Urban Planning, Sweden)

*Dr. Phaik Morgenthaler-Leong (Lausanne University, Medical Genetics, Switzerland)

*Prof. & Deputy Dean, Rusly B. Nordin (University Sains Malaysia, Occupational Medicine, Malaysia)
et al

Executive Board

Presidential Board

Prof. Ryoji Sakai (EPFL, USM, etc.: JSRMPM & iarmm Chairpersons, JSRMPM &ATSRMPM Presidents)
Prof. Stephan Morghenthaler (EPFL: iarmm President)
Rusly B. Nordin (USM: APSRMPM Chairperson & President)

Symposium President

Prof. Taro Shirakawa, The University of Kyoto, Kyoto, Japan
(Chairperson of International Organizing Committee in International Joint Conference of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine, JSRMPM Vice-Chairperson)

Symposium Offices and Registration


All participants except for Oversea Invited Guests on International Joint Conference of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine should register at Kyoto Office.

Deadline of asbtract submission: Febary 15, 2003
The abstract form is same as one of the Conference, and get it from the Conference homepage.
The details of registrations are asked for the following Offices, respectively.

Kyoto Office of the Symposium, Kyoto, Japan

The University of Kyoto, Graduate School of Public Health
Department of Health Promotion & Human Behavior, Kyoto, Japan.

Cooperative Office for Oversea Invited Guests

Only for oversea participants except for Kyoto City Tour. On a case of registration from the Invited Persons in Tokyo Conference, you are not requested to submit new registration form if it is same as one in Tokyo Conference, but send your e-mail describing your registration. You can submit the different abstract than that in Tokyo Conference if you like to give your presentation, too.
The details are available from Ms. Shirley V. Chaves, Information and Registration Office of iarmm, ATSRMPM nd APSRMPM, San Jose, Costa Rica.

Traffics and Travel Info.

We will move from Tokyo railway station to Kyoto railway station in the evening of March 29 by superexpress. It takes 2 hours and half. Kansai International Airport is close to Kyoto.

Further information including your private extension of Kyoto area is available in the above Kyoto Office. Contact with them directly, if necessary.

Kyoto One-day City Tour

Date: Monday, March 31, 2003
Fee: (Oversea invited speakers in the Satellite Symposium) Free, including lunch & dinner.
(Others) Charged. You should contact with your tour company in the Conference your hotel.
Corresponding address: Secretary office of the Symposium

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