Transportation from Station to the Conference Hall

First, look at the access information of IMCJ on
The access information to National Institute of Infectious Diseases is on
It locates on the next space to IMCJ.

Transportation information of bus and subway is available as follows.
About Shinjuku Station:
Map of Shinjyuku

1. Bus service

From Shinjuku Station, you take the Metropolitan Government operated bus service which is called " Toei Bus" for International Medical Center of Japan (IMCJ. 'KOKURITU IRYUO CENTER' in Japanese ). The bus stop is located just in front of the Odakyu Department Store Annex. There are two bus routes for the IMCJ. One is by way of the IMCJ and another one is by way of Nukebenten. It is thus necessary to make sure the bus you are going to take is by way of the IMCJ. The bus driver will help you in that instance. You may say " Iryo- center ?" to bus driver. It means the bus by way of the IMCJ. It will take about 15 - 20 minutes to the IMCJ. You will get off at the "Kokuritsu-Kokusai-Iryo-center" bus stop. At the bus stop, you may see a tall white building which is marked with IMCJ.

The Toei Bus Services are leaving 1) the "Shinjuku-nishiguchi" Bus Stop for IMCJ, and 2) the "Shin-oukubo-ekimae" Bus Stop for "Shinbashi-ekimae" via IMCJ. Both lines provide frequent bus operations leaving every 3-5 minutes on weekdays.

2. Taxi service

There is a taxi pool on the underground floor ("Nishi-guchi-hiroba") of Shinjuku Station. However, you can take cab at any place around the station. Look for a taxi with red Japanese characters illuminated in the windshield. That means the taxi is available. Your taxi driver will understand your destination if you say "Kokuritsu-Kokusai-Iro-Center." If you have difficulty communicating with him, show him the map included in the printout of the Japanese version of our home page.

3. By Train

Please print a train map on

If you get off at the Shin-Ohkubo Train Station of the Yamanote-Sen ("Yamanote Line" -- a loop train line around central Tokyo) which is the next station to Shin-Ohkubo Station, the Toei Bus Service provides bus service for the Shinbashi Train Station which stops at Kokuritsu-Kokusai-Iro-Center. It takes 10 minutes from the Shin-Ohkubo Station to Kokuritsu-Kokusai-Iro-Center bus stop. You can also take the Tozai-Sen subway line. Waseda Station is the most convenient station to get the IMCJ. But you have to walk around 10-15 minutes from the subway station.

4. By subway

Please print the subway map on

If you use the Ouedo-Sen (a loop subway line by Toei-Chikatesu-Sen), you get off at the Kawada-chyo Station. It takes 5 minutes form the Station to the IMCJ on foot. The exit signboard to the ICMJ will be seen, and get a narrow load to the INCJ beyond one crossing.

5. Lost the way

If you get lost on your way to the IMCJ, please feel free to call the IMCJ (telephone number from within Tokyo: 3202-7181) and ask the IMCJ's operator for the English speaking staff.

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