Transportation from Narita International Airport to Tokyo

  1. Usually foreign visitors will arrive at the Tokyo International Airport in Narita, which is some distance away from the metropolis of Tokyo to the east. You can take either a bus or a train from the airport to the central part of Tokyo.
  2. Limousine bus services are available from the airport. They connect to major hotels in Tokyo. You can ask the clerk of the bus service concerning which buses stop near your hotel and the most convenient place where you can get off to get to your hotel. The fare is about 3,000 yen one way.
  3. Two train lines operate between the airport and Tokyo. One is the Japan Railroad (JR) Line and the other is the Keisei Line. Both lines have frequent "limited-express" trains which connect the airport and downtown Tokyo. It takes about 60-90 minutes. The limited-express trains have reserved seating only. You need to purchase a reserved seat ticket for these trains at the JR or Keisei ticket counter before boarding. The ticket counters and train platforms are located underground in the airport terminals. The fare for the JR's limited-express train is about 3,050 yen to Shinjuku, one way. The Keisei fare is less. The JR's Narita Express is available on every 30 minute.
  4. If your hotel is in the Shinjuku area, it is more convenient to take the JR train all the way to Shinjuku Station, which is on the western side of central Tokyo. If you use the Keisei Line from Narita Airport, the last stop is Ueno Station in the northeastern part of Tokyo. From there you would need to take either the Yamanote-Sen Loop Line or subway lines to get to Shinjuku.
Map pf Tokyo

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