IARMM Purpose

  Because of rapid globalization of society and progress in technological innovations, problems related to global environment issues, life-style disease, community health, occupational health, medical accidents, food product health, international health, mental health and health problems for aging population are on the rise. Whilst we all recognize the importance of the practice of risk management sciences for prevention of those problems by risk assessment, it is essential to integrate interdisciplinary research in such fields as political economics, administration studies, sociology, environmental science, ecology, behavioral science, information science, education, ethics, epidemiology and statistics, not just to develop technologies to implement government policies and countermeasures. This Society, therefore, seeks to contribute to the promotion of scientifically sound countermeasures and solutions by encouraging the free exchange and interplay of international research activities. The most distinctive features of this Society will be:
1) Focusing on health risks associated with the occurrence of unpreferable health conditions, to carry out evidence-based health policy study by means of numerous analyses of countermeasures for preventive management of health risks.
2) To promote advancing the techniques and theory of "management" as required by the science of preventive medicine.
 2002, April. International Association of Risk Management in Medicine