Purposes & Charters

Dated by June 29, 2003.

Welcome to involve other local societies of risk management for preventive medicine around the world, under agreement of the IARMPM Chairperson and the President.


IARMM Purpose

  Because of rapid globalization of society and progress in technological innovations, problems related to global environment issues, life-style disease, community health, occupational health, medical accidents, food product health, international health, mental health and health problems for aging population are on the rise. Whilst we all recognize the importance of the practice of risk management sciences for prevention of those problems by risk assessment, it is essential to integrate interdisciplinary research in such fields as political economics, administration studies, sociology, environmental science, ecology, behavioral science, information science, education, ethics, epidemiology and statistics, not just to develop technologies to implement government policies and countermeasures. This Society, therefore, seeks to contribute to the promotion of scientifically sound countermeasures and solutions by encouraging the free exchange and interplay of international research activities. The most distinctive features of this Society will be:
1) Focusing on health risks associated with the occurrence of unpreferable health conditions, to carry out evidence-based health policy study by means of numerous analyses of countermeasures for preventive management of health risks.
2) To promote advancing the techniques and theory of "management" as required by the science of preventive medicine.
 2002, April. International Association of Risk Management in Medicine

IARMM World Congress

IARMM World Congress is held every 4 years by Congress President (=IARMM president).

IARMM Special Conference

1. The organizer (Conference President) who wishes to conduct the Special Conference of IARMM should submit the outline of the Conference to IARMM Registration office to make the contract with the IARMM Presidential board.

2. The contract should include payment of 3 thousand USD as an authorization fee for the IARMM, which will be used to conduct the conference when the Conference President cancels his/her presidency. A part of authorization fee should be paid before final agreement of the contract. Thus, the authorization fee will be not back to the conference president, if he/she cancels the conference.
The authorization fees will be back adfter the conference is performed by the conference president.

3. The Conference President has the final responsibility of accounting concerning the Conference management.

4. The Conference President should make the program, which is requested to be agreed by IARMM Chairperson and President.

Financial responsibility of IARMM conference management

A President of each conference has a responsibility for the financial accounting, so that you should use your bank account in your country for member registration in your Conference, but not one for IARMM.

IARMM doesn't have any responsibility your financial issues to carry out your conference, because it is clear that every Conference President can collect those financial resources by himself/herself.

Then, you should manage everything of you conference, except for the followings by IARMM Office, of which jobs are managed by IARMM account.
1) English homepage preparation, if this assistant is necessary for you.
2) Oversea membership registration of your conference, if this assitant is necessary for you.

The others should be carried out by your secretary whom you will hire by your expenses. If it is difficult for you to manage your Conference due to your financial problems, you should cancel your presidency of the Conference, and return all registration fees to the senders by your responsibility.

The charter in each society should be generated by society.


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