(1SPBH & 11WCCS) Registration Payment for Congress Fee or Dinner Fee

Registation HP
Onsite registration fee of conference (not including gala dinner fee): $200
There is no service for onsite registration of gala dinner. Need pre-payment of gala dinner fee till 1 March 2024.

There are two ways to pay your registration fee.
(Term condition) On a case of cancellation, registration fee is not refunded.

(1) Bank payment
In a case of bank transfer, send the following bank account.
After your payment, email a copy of bank receipt to us.
 【Our bank account】
   Bank name: MUFG Bank
   Branch name: Hongo Branch
   Branch number: 351
   Account name: IARMM
   Sift code: BOTKJPJT

(2) Credit Card Payment for Congress Fee or Gala Dinner Fee
In a case of credit card payment, please use our online payment system (PayPal Ltd).
IARMM (Interntional Association of Risk Management in Medicine)

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Contact information

 IARMM World Head Office
 4-7-12-102 Hongo, Bunkyoku, Tokyo, 113-0033, JPN
 (TEL) +81-3-3817-6770 (FAX) +81-3-6801-6987
 (Email) manager@iarmm.org