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What's news        ....... This is an official homepage of IARMM (International Association of Risk Management in Medicine) .....        3rd World Congress of Clinical Safety, 10-12 Sep. 2014. Santander, Spain    (The homepage is now availabe.) ......      

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2nd World Congress of Clinical Safety in University of Heidelberg, Germany terminated by delegates from over 45 countries together with internet live streaming to the world.
World Congress 2012 & 1st World Congress of Clinical Safety in University of London, UK terminated with delegates from over 30 countries.
World Congress of Clinical Safety (WCCS)

The IARMM will produce a new special conference focused on patient safety, named 'World Congress of Clinical Safety (WCCS) on some place in the earth since 2012.

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Academic Medical Society for Health and Safety
since 2002

3rd World Congress of Clinical Safety (3WCCS)

Clinical Risk Management

10-12 September 2014

Ayre Gran Hotel Colon, Madrid, Spain

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Offical langage: English
No translation to other languages

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Impotant deadlines

A deadline of abstract submission was passed.

Full paper submission:
    1st Auguest 2014 - 31th August 2014

Conference pre-registration was closed. Onsite registration is also available for those who didn't entry.

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