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1. Over all

A mailing list, and provide information by means of English journals and newsletter, etc., on internet. Planning to conduct education and research programs and symposia by lecturers. International electronic forum and electronic symposium are provided.

2. Annual membership fee

(OECD countries) 150USD per person.
(non-OECD Countries) 75USD per person.
(OECD countries) 45USD per under graduate student.
(non-OECD Countries) 35USD per undergraduate student.

The members receive English newsletters, and can use the Member's Only web site and English mailing list. The discount fees of IARMM scientific meetings are also available.

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3. Oral Scientific Meetings, Electronic Forum and Electronic Scientific Meetings


4. English journal, 'Journal of Medical Safety (JMS)'

All manuscripts are requested to submit to JMS.

Annual subscription fee of IARMM members is included in the annual membership fee.
Annual subscription fee for non IARMM members is 400 USD.


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