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December 26 is 'Earth Safety Day' of IARMM.

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Basic Human Right of Safety --- Declared on Novmber 11, 2005 by IARMM Globe

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* US.AHRQ: Medical Errors & Patient Safety

Global Opinion
* Summary of a memorail symposium March 20, 2013
* Stress Test of Hospital
* Pat Caplan. Death on the Farm - Culling badgers in North Pembrokeshire. Anthropology Today Vol 26 No 2, p.6-p.13, April 2010
You can find this article in the following site.
* Summary of Conference of New Influenza Pandemic, 2009 Oct
* WHO statement for 'Flu pandemic alert raised to phase 6'
* iarmm Prize 2007
* Crisis Management from Medical Perspective (with Japanese translation)
* Vaccine and risk education for Avian flu
* Summary of 2nd American Congress
* UNU Rector's talkings 'Know Risk'
* Network - a big unit
* Grabal transfer of safety and health technologies by R. Sakai
* Introduction to Inter Graduate School Launch by P. Caplan


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IARMM Academic Congress Announcement

IARMM 5th World Congress of Clinical Safety

    21st - 23rd September, 2016
    Harvard University, Boston, USA


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