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URMPM Sepcial Conference 2004 April



2nd Announcement of
SARS e-Conference

(Conference Date) October 10 - November 10, 2003
(Place) On internet

Risk Management for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)
and other virus infections

Union of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine (URMPM)
Asia Pacific Society of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine (APSRMPM)
African Union of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine (AURMPM)
Atlantic Society of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine (ATSRMPM)
Japan Society of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine (JSRMPM)
World Health Risk Management Center (WHRMC)

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(Note) The 2nd e-Conference for environmental issue will be held on January 2004 by Stephan Morgenther, URMPM President, Switzerland.



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Dear Colleagues, 

First of all, we are conveying our world members' deep regret of recent tragedy of Sever Acute Respiratory Symptom (SARS) epidemics, especially to our East Asia members, and our thanks for you in this region to conduct your best dedication to fight with this serious and fetal infectious disease everyday. We are happy to hear that your historical efforts are overcoming this tragedy day by day. We received a good message from you that SARS is preventable infectious disease, and it is also historical memory that this disease is preventable without any vaccine, which is however necessary.

SARS has, however, very risky potential to generate bigger worldwide outbreak soon, as most of other countries in the world have not established the fine preventive ways, yet, and the disease can spread in those area rapidly by recent socio-economical globalization. In this case, the second outbreak will cover East Asia, again. In addtion, according to present requests by East Asian members to communicate with the world members to establish better preventive risk management system including other virus iseases, WHRMC has also performed the best efforts to establish our rapid and easy worldwide communication device, an e-conference system on internet, powered by JSRMPM, to overcome and prevent very much urgent health risk around the world.

Learning and exchanging experiences and evidences are basic for development in preventive medicine, too. Now, we hope this e-Conference is helpful to rapidly promote the fine international preventive risk management system in the world throughout easy and prompt exchanges and interdisciplinary integration of experiences, knowledge, skills and ideas of SARS from East Asia to the world.

This e-Conference is carried out by writing communication, which provides one clear benefit to obtain more fruitful conclusions than by oral communication, as writing is more precise than talking. Also the e-Conference can involve a lot of people in the world to think about our present health risk, together.

Let's enjoy this new scientific world to seek better international risk management strategy for prevention of SARS and other virus infections, such as West Nile Fever, Ebola virus, Lassa virus.

May 26, 2003.

President of SARS e-Conference, Ryoji Saka

(WHRMC, URMPM  & JSRMPM. Chairpersons. Profs. WHRMC, EPFL, USM, SU, etc.)

URMPM President, Stephan Morgenthaler (Prof. & Director, EPFL, Switzerland)

APSRMPM Chairperson, Rusli B. Nordin (Prof. & Deputy Dean, USM, Malaysia )

President of 'URMPM Africa', Banwari L. Meel Mbbs (University of Transkei, Health Sciences, South Africa. )


Ms. Shirley V. V. Chaves (International Secretary of Union of Risk Managementfor Preventive Medicine. Costa Rica. & World Health Risk Management Center, Tokyo, Japan).


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