iarmm World Congress 2012 in London

jointly with
1st World Congress of Clinical Safety

"The Human Factor in Risk"

Date : 8th (Sat) - 9th (Sun) September, 2012

Venue : Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre, SOAS
The University of London, London, UK

by Union of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine (iarmm)

With the cooperation of British Society of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine (BSRMPM)

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Int Education Seminar of Patient Safety 2012 in London was held with attendees from over 15 countries.

(Coorganised by)

World Congress of Clinical Safety

(Under cooperative with)

Healthcare Conferences UK

Binley, UK

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This Congress terminated with the attendees from over 30 countries around the world. See you in our future congress in some country, soon.

Event Overview

The Congress is organized by iarmm and aims to improve and promote the science and technology of better safety in both risk and crisis management. The congress covers a wide range of topics such as patient safety, medication safety, infectious disease outbreak, disaster management, food safety, environmental health & safety, and other related subjects.

The speakers consists of 25 countries from UK, Ireland, US, Australia, France, Spain, Germany, Japan, Canada, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, Romania, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Pakistan, Iran, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Philippine, Mexico and Nigeria. And the audiences from many other countries.

We are sure that the Congress will assist the world wide exchange of knowledge and skill in this specialist area. Let's all join together at our London Congress to meet and share information with your colleagues.

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Public Education Program

We have several education programs in both days.
Please check our program, if interest.

Those don't charge any registration fee to every one, even student or citizen, you are. When you participate there,
visit at the conference desk.



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(Conference studio)

Underground floor:
  Brunei Gallery Lecture Theatre for presentation

Second floor:
  Woburn Suite B211 & B204 for presentation

Ground floor:
  Brunei Suite for exhibition & hospitality

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2012 July 19: New alliance with "Healthcare Conferences UK".
2012 July 16: Abstract submission desk is terminated.
2012 July 15: New alliance with "Datax UK".
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2012 June 21: Flyer is revised.
2012 June 20: Program was revised.
2012 June 16: Abstract submission is extended till 15th July for those who don't need UK visa.
2012 June 16: Abstract submission desk was terminated for those who need UK visa.
2012 June 14: Full paper submission till 10th August 2012, if you like to publish.
2012 May 20: Registration starts
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