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                          2nd World Congress of Clinical Safety
                                         12 - 13 September 2013, Heidelberg, Germany

(Main theme) Risk in Clinical Care

(Abstract submission)
till 15 May 2013 for a person who needs Germany visa.
till 31 May 2013 for a person who doesn't need Germany visa.

(Conference registration) now oepn till 31th August 2013

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Internate remote live system is also available.

This academic congress is organized by IARMM and aims to improve and promote the science and technology of better safety in both risk and crisis management in health care. The congress covers a wide range of topics such as patient safety, medication safety, medical device safety, infectious disease outbreak, and the other related subjects. German scientific culture of risk has the longest history of over hundred years in the world and has absolutely active movements in risk science and technology which generated the important key concepts, such as philosophy of risk, risk communication, risk management, etc.

We are sure that the Congress will assist the world wide exchange of knowledge and skill in this specialist area with excellent German risk scientists. Let's all join together at our Heidelberg Congress to meet and share information with your colleagues.

Key topics:

'Globalization of clinical risk management toward global risk due to medical product globalization'
'Philosophy and strategy of managing risk and error'
'Clinical communication for risk and safety'
'International perspectives for clinical safety'
'Safety culture in healthcare and group medicine'
'IT and medical informatics in clinical safety'
'Education and training for clinical safety'
'Patient's or career's role in clinical safety"
'Simulation and human factor for clinical safety'
'Survey and report of clinical errors'
'Risk and safety in medical device'
'Surgical safety, preoperative risk management and Checklist'
'Medication safety'
'Drug safety'
'Emergency healthcare system'

Don't miss this important opportunity to improve your knowledge by exchanging experiences of clinical safety internationally.

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