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Satellite Symposium in Kyoto, March 30, 2003
World Health Risk Management Center
2004 April. Special Conference in Latin America.


This Conference is already finished. See you in next Special Conference in San Jose, Costa Rica on April 27-29, 2004.

Greeting Message about Succeeded Conference

The abstract book of this Conference is available. If you want to buy it, please send $50.00/1 book (This price includes postal charge) to the following Japanese bank in Tokyo: MIZUHO Bank, OIZUMI Branch. Account: JSRMPM. Number 8021403. And send your name, institution, postal address, e-mail address to Ms. Shirley V. Chaves (secr-office@umin.ac.jp).

Final Program of
Union of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine(iarmm),
Atlantic Society of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine (ATSRMPM),
Asia Pacific Society of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine (APSRMPM),
Japan Society of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine (JSRMPM)
Malaysia Society of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine (MSRMPM), and
Ukraine Society of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine (UKRSRMPM).

(Date) 27-28, March 27-28, 2003

(Place) International Medical Center of Japan, Shinjyuku, Tokyo, Japan, and
National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Shinjyuku, Tokyo, Japan


Latest News from Offices
- Update on Jan. 26, 2003
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  10. Official Language
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  12. Pre-registration of audience.
  13. Registration Desk
  14. Presentation Manners
  15. Call for Papers of Proceedings
  16. Awards
  17. Meals and Tea
  18. Social Event
  19. Your Hotel
  20. Conference Office
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  23. Satellite Symposium
  24. Post-Conference Tour & Academic Program
  25. Registration for Soceity
Mt.Fuji Mt. Fuji
cherry cherry ukiyoe

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of JSRMPM, iarmm, ATSRMPM, APSRMPM and MSRMPM, the joint Conference will be held as follows. The JSRMPM activities started with my several international advisors and Stephan from January 2002. And the iarmm and the APSRMPM were generated from the International Section of the JSRMPM since April in 2002 with Rusly. MSRMPM and ATSRMPM started from October 2002. Thus, the International Conferences of iarmm, ATSRMPM and APSRMPM will be, therefore, combined with the first JSRMPM and MSRMPM Annual Meetings in addition to other new local societies.

All of those societies have a common purpose to promote risk management sciences for preventive medicine and create our new global network toward global technological innovation since the end of the last Century, which is increasing health hazards in various aspects of our life in the world day by day. As shown here, we now reach our first step. We hope to see you in Tokyo and Japan on the beautiful spring.

castle frag

Prof. Ryoji Sakai (Presidents of the First JSRMPM & ATSRMPM Meetings, JSRMPM & iarmm Chairpersons), October 15, 2002.

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to extend a very cordial invitation to you to participate in the first scientific conference organised by the Japan Society of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine in collaboration with the Union of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine, the Atlantic Society, the Asia Pacific Society and the Malaysia Society of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine. Our meeting will serve a pioneering role as a forum of discussion of all aspects of risk management in the medical area. The conference will be held in Tokyo, the bustling capital of Japan. A visit to this city will for many of the participants from Europe, Africa and the Americas be a new experience and I can assure you that it will be a very enriching one.

For me, the congress comprises three main points of emphasis that promise a lively discussion: the role of statistics in risk management, the use of clinical trials and advances in biological evidences. These and other related topics will be discussed in the panels and works hops of the conference.

Please participate actively and in large numbers in this scientific meeting. Till we meet a gainat the end of March in Tokyo!

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Stephan Morgenthaler (iarmm President), October 15, 2002.

Dear Colleagues,

Risk management science is taking center-stage with wide application in the health and medical sciences. The Conference in Tokyo in March 2003 promises to be a lively discourse on several issues pertaining to the principles and methods in preventive risk management and experiences in the application of risk management science in various fields of health and medicine in many countries in Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and America. I take this opportunity to warmly invite you to participate in this conference organized by the Japan Society of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine in collaboration with the Asia Pacific Society of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine, the Atlantic Society of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine, and the Union of Risk Management for Preventive Medicine. I hope that this Conference could bring new insight into risk management and that the experiences in several countries could bring about more meaningful perspective for all practitioners involved. This is also an opportunity to meet face-to-face with fellow researchers and professionals in order to pave the way for future collaborations.

A combination of statistical, epidemiological, clinical, technological and ethical issues will be considered during the conference in both the panels and workshop sessions. A special symposium on "Risk and Different Cultures" will highlight aspects of sociocultural differences that must be recognized in order to determine the relevant risk management approaches in different sociocultural settings around the world. Following this Conference, a Satellite Symposium will be convened in Kyoto, addressing the issues of life style and risk management for occupational and environmental health.

As an alumni of The University of Tokyo, I fervently hope that you will enjoy your stay in Japan and bring back fond memories of the Conference, the hospitality and beauty of Tokyo and Kyoto.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Rusly B. Nordin (Presidents of the First MSRMPM Annual Meeting & APSRMPM Conference, APSRMPM & MSRMPM Chairpersons) , October 15, 2002.

Dear Sirs,

Each man on the earth would like to be happy and healthy, to live a long and happy life. However just to desire this purpose is not enough, if one does not care about his health and habitat himself. It is not an uneasy task, as it requires special efforts, energy and above all love towards nature and people. In pursuit of illusive well-being main spiritual precept is sometimes forgotten, which says: don't do harm to yourself and nears, don't do harm to the woods, fields, rivers, seas, deserts and all living beings on the land, in the water and in the air. Any aggressive action to words nature and its inhabitants necessarily meets no less aggressive, and fierce counteraction. In the end it is both people and nature that suffer. The reservoirs, basic sources of human life, are polluted even the air becomes unsuitable for breathing, on the surface of the earth and in its depths there are irreversible processes, impoverishing and destroying it irreversibly.

The man who loses his touch with nature, as a rule, runs into a condition of deep depression. Apathy and indifference to life take possession of him. He becomes aggressive in relation to the society, all livings and lifeless things on the earth. Such man searches for consolations in alcohol, drugs and often weapons. And it the aggravates his social status even more . On the other hand, the man living in harmony and balance with a nature, who is fond it concerned about is always cheerful, healthy and has the large amount of spiritual and physical energy, as he constantly draws on it from an inexhaustible natural source, which our Earth is. Such a man is capable of to creation and loving to the habitat. It is he who trips to tell by means of the art and scientific literature, music, dances, results of scientific researches and practical activity to the world what excites him in this life, about love and the problem of health of the future generations, about the necessity to preserve the environment. He goes hundreds and thousands kilometres away from home to take part in symposiums, conferences, congresses and of different levels meeting with a desire to share new ideas, results of his creative work. The purpose of each such forum is to listen to such a man, try to understand course of his thoughts, to select the best ideas directed at the living standards, quality of the environment and prevention of its pollution and, as a result, to develop the recommendations, norms, rules and laws of human behaviour without a damage to his health and habitat. Burning is the question about of earlier damage (let's recollect explosions of nuclear bombs in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, accident the Chernobl Nuclear Station in Ukraine, breakage of the tanker with black oil at the coast at Spain and others) environment and health of the people, chances of prevention of ecological and technogenic accidents, about correct formation of future prospect. Without common efforts, without interethnic and interstate communications and relations in the field of protection of health and environment such a task cannot be solved.

On behalf of the Ukrainian Society of iarmm I would like to wish the Conference work. May results become property of the world community as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Alexander Pivovarov (UKRSRMPM Chairperson) , December 17, 2002.

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like to give our warmest invitation to you to participate in the first scientific conference in alliance of 5 societies for Risk Management for Preventive Medicine. We are very proud of this joint meeting as the first international forum for risk management in the medical area in combination with all scientific areas. Our organizing committee is doing our best to organize keynote and special lectures, scientific panel meetings, and special sessions, where you can have hot talks by top authorities in each field followed by frank discussion.

Special social program is also waiting for you here in Tokyo, one of the centers of modern Asian cultures. We look very much forward to meeting you in Tokyo in March 2003 and have your active participation of this meeting.

Yours sincerely,
castle frag

Prof. Taro Shirakawa (Chairpersons of International Organizing Committee and Financial Committee), October 15, 2002.

Ms. Shirley V. Chaves (International Secretary of iarmm, ATSRMPM & APSRMPM)

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